“Design is an art & art is an expression of oneself. A good design should motivate, create a sense of rejuvenation in the lifestyle. The Sublime Concept is inspired by living, it’s a celebration of lifestyle.”


At The Sublime Concept our vision is to create unique design that makes an emotional and visual impression while delivering high quality and sophisticated design with attention to every minute detail.


At the studio, design is all about rational knowledge based on detailed survey and research, functional planning, attention to details, scales and proportions to create a proper balance and harmony. Understanding space function to create user friendly enviornment, selection of right materials, finishes and implementing suitable lighting and colour schemes.


Our practice is committed to the implementation of socially and environmentally responsible design. Our projects are strictly monitored to avoid wastage of time and materials. We provide our clients with various layout options and 3D visualisations to help them understand space function and visualise the overall concept to seek their approval. We arrange site mockups and regular onsite meetings to give them a brief overview about the ongoing site progress to achieve complete client satisfaction.




The Sublime Concept is a design led practice founded in 2013.  We design high quality spaces and forms that merges aesthetic values with careful planning and thoughtful detailing to create spaces that are a joy to inhabit and inspire their lifestyle.  Our large scale project experience is combined with the flexibility of a smaller practice, enabling us to provide our clients with the highest level of personalised service.


We work at all scales and on design projects ranging from Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Exhibition, Art and Installations, Product and Furniture design.


Our design process is collaborative.  We listen.  We understand our clients. We focus on creating innovative design solutions that respond holistically to the brief, the site, and the broader social and environmental context.  Every project begins with a search for the fundamental meaning and character of a place and the people who inhabit it.  Each design process is a journey of discovery, creation and translation that is shared openly and respectfully with our clients, the design team and the agencies that are involved in the project execution.

Our work brings together client aspirations and the professional expertise of the design team to create enduring design concepts that are respectful of the past, reflective of the present and robust for the future






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